Its great time to invite you to the portals of EBET Group of Institutions. As per the words of Martin Luther King, “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”, EBETi strives to create  entrepreneurs and engineers with right thinking and right knowledge. We are committed to bring together the world class facilities and brains to infuse the young minds with ethics, human values, and environmental consciousness besides engineering and technical knowledge.Wide exposure enhances the knowledge base of the individuals and prepares them to face the challenges of life in a better manner. Depth of knowledge makes learners of EBETi to shine best. EBETi provides lots of confidence, success as well as personal growth. EBETi is centre for excellence for imparting creative thinking, fostering innovation and an international exposure to create the best pool of talents with character, skills, and attitude to compete in the global arena.

Correspondent, EBETi.

“The aim of education is the knowledge not of fact but of values” William Ralph Inge