The course on Construction Engineering and Management attempts to impart the required knowledge base among civil engineering graduates and professionals to achieve better control over physical, financial and human resources in construction activities. It brings out coordination among the participants to improve productivity by optimising the cost and time, quality and reliability  and addresses issues concerning safety and morale.


The fast growing construction industry is facing many challenges like appropriate mechanisation of construction processes, elimination of wastage of materials, cost escalation and shortage of skilled manpower, etc. For achieving success, collaboration among  its various stake holders like crew at site, planning and design engineers, procurement and billing divisions and owners of the project etc. is necessary. Invoking the involvement of each of these participants is key to the success of the project. The course contents are designed to provide adequate exposure to the above aspects of construction activities.

The Department of CEM of Erode Builder Educational Trust’s Group of Institutions (EBETi) has a good group of energetic young and experienced senior faculty members to impart skills and educate the learners on smart work instead of hard work. The department has sophisticated laboratory facilities including concrete testing for mechanical and durability properties of concrete, CAD  with packages like Primavera, Microsoft Project and QE-Pro for developing software skills in the technologically developing industry. To nurture innovation among creative minds, liberal interaction between the students and the industry is arranged throughout the course with the helpful cooperation of leading construction companies including those of trustees of EBET. Thus the course offers all the requisite training to mould oneself as a well rounded construction manager.