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e - Journals

The following E- Journals are available in our library for our user community and public to enhance the general studies, teaching and research.

Business and Economics
Electronic journal of knowledge management
Financial counseling and planning
International journal of business science and applied management
International journal of economic sciences and applied research
Journal of industrial engineering and management
The european journal of comparative economics
The european journal of comparative economics
The international journal of digital accounting research
Trends in agricultural economics
Advances in physical chemistry
Atmospheric chemistry and physics
Bioinorganic chemistry and applications
Chemical industry & chemical engineering quarterly
Chemistry central journal
International journal of analytical chemistry
International journal of chemical engineering
International journal of electrochemical science
International journal of inorganic chemistry
International journal of molecular sciences
Internet electronic journal of molecular design
Journal of automated methods and management in chemistry
Organic chemistry international
Earth and environmental sciences
American journal of environmental sciences
Annales geophysicae
Atmospheric chemistry and physics
Estonian journal of earth sciences
Geochemical transactions
International journal of navigation and observation
International journal of speleology
Journal of geosciences

Mathematics and Statistics

Asian journal of algebra
Asian journal of mathematics and statistics
Communications in mathematical analysis
Differential equations and nonlinear mechanics
Iaeng international journal of applied mathematics
International electronic journal of mathematics education
International journal of applied mathematics and computation
International journal of differential equations
International journal of engineering science and technology
International journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences
International journal of quality, statistics, and reliability

Technology and Engineering

Advances in artificial neural systems
Advances in electrical and computer engineering
Advances in materials science and engineering
Advances in mechanical engineering
Advances in software engineering
American journal of engineering and applied sciences
American journal of food technology
Chemical engineering research bulletin