An exclusive Training cell under the guidance of our Training officer (Prof. K.S. THIRUNAVUKKARASU – M.E.,) trains our student for placements from the first year of their study as mentioned in the below table:

The placement cell also arranges industrial training for the students during their summer and winter holidays.  For Civil engineering students, industrial training is given in our college founder’s companies.  As our college Founders companies are undertaking multi-million dollar projects in Construction area, our students are getting real-time experience by visiting their construction site while studying.

Usually the interview by multinational companies would be divided into three rounds.  They are

Round 1 of Interview : Solving Aptitude Questions, Non Verbal and Verbal Questions

Round 2 of Interview: Group Discussions (GD)

Round 3 of Interview:  Face to Face Interview


Our students are trained for each and every round of interview (i.e. For all three Rounds of Interview). We have split the placement training team into three different teams (i.e. Aptitude Solving Team, Verbal Solving Team and Personality Development Team).

The ‘Aptitude Solving Team’ would train the students for solving Aptitude and non-verbal questions.  The ‘Verbal Solving Team’ would train the students for solving Verbal questions and also they would enhance our students Soft Skills performance.  The Personality Development Team will train our students for Group discussions and Face-Face interviews.